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Image-Based Life LessonsI recently added another Youthlight school counseling resource to my collection called Image-Based Life Lessons by Eric Cooper.  This book is designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade and comes with a CD which has 50 PowerPoint presentations.  There are eight topics covered and each has anywhere from four to eight lessons.

Each section’s PowerPoints can be opened as one presentation with all of the lessons, or you may chose to open each lesson’s PowerPoint individually.  Lesson’s were created to last about 5-10 minutes, so they may be incorporated with what you are already doing or combined to created a 30 minute lesson.  Scripts and review questions are included for each presentation and can be printed from the CD.

The topics include:

Section 1:  Attitude, Thoughts and Feelings (8 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Grow Your Smarts – Abilities can grow with hard work and practice.

Grow Your Smarts

Section 2:  Friendship (8 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Open or Closed? – If you’re picky or stubborn, you can push friends away.

Open or Closed

Section 3:  Peer Pressure (5 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Ten Ways to Say “No” – Ten great options are provided to help kids who have a difficult time saying no.

Ten Ways to Say No

Section 4:  Bullying (7 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Don’t Cross the Line – This lesson helps students understand two types of teasing.

Don't Cross the Line

Section 5:  Self-Concept (4 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Nobody is 100% Normal – Students learn to accept and embrace the things that make them different.

Nobody is 100 Percent Normal

Section 6:  Hard Work and Career (8 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Plan B – Students with big dreams can think about their plan B…just in case they don’t all work out.

Plan B

Section 7:  Anger and Self-Control (6 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Feeling Angry? – This lesson provides anger management strategies.

Feeling Angry

Section 8:  Problem Solving (4 lessons)

My Favorite Lesson:  Coping Skills – Students learn how to deal with the “unsolvable” problems.

Coping Skills

After taking the time to go through the presentations, I’m able to think about where I could fit them into my school counseling program.  Most of the lessons in the first section, for example, tie in perfectly with Growth Mindset.

Not only can these lessons be used in the classroom, they can be incorporated into small groups and individual sessions.  I believe I will get plenty of use out of this resource with my student self-referrals.

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