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This awesome blog has been around since 2009, so I would be very surprised if many people don’t already know about School Counselor Blog authored by Danielle Shultz.  I visit this blog regularly, and I have been inspired by the wonderful ideas she shares with her readers.  Whatever topic you are looking for, Danielle has it covered.  I want to take this time to highlight why I love this blog.

  • I absolutely love the idea of Career Café! Expanding my students’ awareness of careers is something I want to do at my school.  I recently told my principal that I will be adding this great idea to my school counseling program for the 2012-13 school year.  You can best believe,  Danielle’s blog will be my go-to resource!  She has shared everything you need to get this program started from completing interest surveys to creating a special invitation for students at Vistaprint.  She gives suggestions on how to find speakers for your career café also.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have learned about this from her blog!  Additionally, she has other posts regarding careers including a career scavenger hunt.  I’m also going to use her idea of “career dress up day” for red ribbon week in October. Love it!! If you’re looking for innovative ideas to include career awareness, check out School Counselor Blog.
  • Danielle is just plain CREATIVE! I’m always impressed with her ideas.  She has shared several unique bulletin board ideas on her blog that I really like.  Be sure to check out “To Proficiency…and Beyond,” “Whoo Can Help You With…,” and “Feeling Puzzled?”  She also had a great idea for National School Counseling Week when she used the theme “How are School Counselors Like Leggos?”  Ever made a stress reliever using a pool noodle? Danielle will show you how! I’m sure I could go on and on about the creative ideas I’ve found on School Counselor Blog.  Be sure to take a look for yourself!
  • School Counselor Blog features great ideas centered around self-esteem.  Danielle’s latest idea is Diva’s Day Out.  I love how she takes the time to create such a special event for her students.  Diva’s are “Determined to reach their goals, Individuals who celebrate their uniqueness, victorious in conquering their fears, and always respectful to others.”  When I read her initial post about this wonderful idea, I could think of several young ladies at my school who would absolutely LOVE to participate in an activity such as this.  She later posted about tearing down the negativity and helping girls to recognize relational aggression.  This is yet another great idea that has inspired me to think outside of the box as I move forward to the coming school year.

I can’t say enough about this great blog.  I am grateful to bloggers like Danielle for sharing their wealth of knowledge with others.  Because of blogs like School Counselor Blog, I am ready to do some new and exciting things in my own school counseling program!

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