Staff Motivators

(9-1-12) I was excited to put this little surprise in everyone’s box at school. It came from the book Meaningful Motivators by Lisa Miller. I decreased the size to fit four per page and copied them onto card stock. I purchased a large bag of Hershey’s chocolates and taped those on. From teachers and administrators, to custodians, cafeteria workers, and office staff… We all made it!!

If you want to create your own, simply find some clip art and decide what you want your card to say.  Just don’t do like I did and forget to sign the bottom before copying them!  Yes, I signed all eighty by hand!!

3 thoughts on “Staff Motivators

  1. I have always had a hard time coming up with a motivator because it can be costly to give something to everyone. This idea doesn’t sound costly. Thank you!

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