It’s My One Year Blogiversary!!!

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Blogiversary.jpgYes, I made up a word, but I love it!! ūüôā ¬†I’m sure I’m not the first to use it!

On April 24, 2012- I launched Savvy School Counselor. ¬†I can’t believe it’s already been one whole year! Wow!

Although I had five posts up on my launch day, my official launch day post was 8 Tips New Test Takers Should Know.  It was right around this time that my school was gearing up for the end-of-grade tests, and I created the activity to do with my third grade friends.

I had the support of wonderful bloggers like Andrea Burston and Marissa Rex from the very beginning, and I appreciate that support more than I can ever say.

So, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who follow Savvy School Counselor and who have made my first year as a blogger a wonderful year. ¬†I was really hoping I’d get the chance to meet many of you face to face in Philly at the ASCA Conference, but I will not be able to make it this year. ¬†However, I am determined to be in Orlando, Florida for the 2014 conference.

Now that I have a year under my belt, I want to begin inviting guest bloggers.  I remember how appreciative I was to Barbara Gruener for giving me the opportunity last summer to write a guest post for her wonderful blog.  I was just about three months into my blog at the time.  I would love to offer the same opportunity to other new school counseling bloggers.  So, if you are reading this and would like to write a guest blog post for Savvy School Counselor, be on the lookout for more information coming soon.

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Tattling Vs. Reporting Freebie

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This FREE download from my Teachers pay Teachers store will help your students think about the difference between tattling and telling.  This is a great addition to any lesson about tattling that you may do with your students.  (If you downloaded the one with the type-o, it has been corrected!)

FREE Tattling Vs. Reporting Download (Type-O Corrected!)

I have also added a new end-of-year school memories paper folding activity.  It sells for $2.00, but will be on sale today  for $1.50.  Additionally, my Character Trait Paper Folding COMBO PACK will be a dollar off as well.  It sells for $4.00, but is marked $3.00 today only.

Character Trait Paper Folding Activities COMBO PACK









This sale will end tonight, April 14, at 10PM EST.

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I’m still waiting to hear from two winners of the Social Skill Builder App Giveaway. ¬†Emails went out Saturday morning, and the deadline to respond is Monday, April 15 at 7PM EST at which point new winners will be selected as per the Terms and Conditions.


8 Great Anger Management Strategies

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Anger Strategies Foldable- savvyschoolcounselor.comIn my school counseling program, I am always looking for activities to use with my students to assist them with managing their anger. ¬†I took my latest idea from…me. ūüôā ¬†One of my first blog posts was 8 Tips New Test Takers Should Know. ¬†It’s funny to me today because there are actually ten tips included in the activity, but I never caught it. ¬†This activity, however, actually DOES have eight tips.

Using the same format (minus a couple of flaps), I created this anger management foldable to make with my students.  Inside is an area for students to identify the things that trigger their anger.  There are five possible triggers listed along with a blank line for students to add an additional trigger that may not be on the list.  Next, there is an area for students to circle descriptions of how their body feels when they are angry.

Identifying triggers and your bodies reactions are key in managing anger.  Once students are able to identify these areas, they are more likely to implement as many of the strategies as necessary.  This activity does include eight. Students illustrate the strategy on the outside of the flap and write the strategy on the inside.  The eight strategies I used on my foldable are:

  • ¬†Take three deep breaths.
  • Count backward from 10 to 1. ¬†(Students can decide to begin counting backward from any number they would like.)
  • Exercise/Burn some energy.
  • Talk about it with a friend.
  • Spend some time alone.
  • Use I-Messages to express your feelings.
  • Tell yourself calming words like “Calm down” or ¬†“It will be okay.”
  • Walk away from the situation.


I have created a new product in my TpT store which includes a template for this activity.  There is an Anger Management contract included to copy on the backside of the foldable.  After identifying triggers and body reactions inside, students list them on the back along with the strategies they intend to use from the flaps in order to calm down.  Additionally, there is a two-page activity for students to practice creating I-messages along with eight posters to use which illustrate each of the strategies.  This 12 page Anger Management Pack sells for $3.00 Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

You may also like this end-of year  School Memories Paper Folding Activity.

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Leo the Lightening Bug-Perseverance

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Leo the Lightening Bug- A great book about perseverance!When teaching about perseverance in my school counseling program, I always reach for one of my favorite books by Eric Drachman.  Leo the Lightening Bug is an adorable story of perseverance.

Little Leo is the “littlest” lightening bug of all his friends. ¬†When you look at the cover of the book, can you guess what Leo’s problem might be? ¬†You probably guessed it: ¬†Leo can’t make his light. ¬†All of his lightening bug friends are able to make their lights. ¬†Leo’s mom lets him know he simply needs a little time and practice.

Leo decided to practice making his light, but as much as he tried- he still couldn’t light up. ¬†It didn’t help things when his friends laughed at him when they saw him. ¬†At this point, Leo is so frustrated that he flies away to a cave and cries. ¬†After some time, he remembers his mother telling him he needed to practice. ¬†Before long, in the midst of a thunder storm, Leo is finally able to light up! ¬†He’s so proud of himself that he declares he could be “King of the lightening bugs!”

You’ll enjoy reading this story, but you will especially love hearing the story narrated on the CD which is included with the book. ¬†The little voice of Leo will warm your heart, and the sound effects are just great! ¬†You can hear a few excerpts from the book HERE on the Kidwick Books website.

If you don’t already have this wonderful book, add it to your list of future purchases! ¬†It’s a winner!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve used this book with my Kindergarten friends. ¬†I always include the song “Never Give Up” from my character song collection. ¬†Initially, I always used it each year with second grade. After reading the story, we would talk about how Leo showed perseverance in the story. The students were given the opportunity to share how they have shown perseverance. ¬†Next, each child was given a sheet with six boxes to create a short comic strip illustrating perseverance. ¬†This idea came from my former intern Rachel. ¬†Here is the sample comic strip Rachel created to help the students understand what to do. ¬†It shows a little girl learning to ride her bicycle. ¬†She falls off, but she gets back on and tries again- showing perseverance.


Through the years, I have always enjoyed seeing the comic strips created by the students.   I created comic strip tables for the eight character traits my school district uses.  Click HERE to download this FREEBIE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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Giveaway: Social Skill Builder App

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Savvy School Counselor App Giveaway!  Enter to win today!  3 will win!!

Yesterday, I posted a review about the full version of the Social Skill Builder App.  This app sells for $12.99.

I’m excited to announce my latest Blog Giveaway! ¬†Social Skill Builder, Inc. has graciously donated THREE FULL Social Skill Builder Apps for me to give to three of my blog readers! ¬†So what are you waiting for? ¬†Enter now!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Social Skill Builder App Review

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SSBuilderAppToday, I would like to take some time to share my experience with the Social Skill Builder iPad App.  First, I would like to thank Amanda from Social Skill Builder, Inc. for  inviting me to complete the review and for sending me the free promo code in order to review the app.

Social Skill Builder is a company that sells software programs created to teach children problem solving, friendship and life skills, critical thinking, emotions, and consequences through the use of interactive video clips.

There are two versions of the app:  Social Skill Builder Lite ($2.99) and Social Skill Builder Full ($12.99).  The difference between the two apps is the number of modules included.  The lite version contains four modules while the full version contains ten.  The complete program on CD is $530.95.   The app is a snapshot of what the complete program offers.

I was given the promo code for the full version, and was able to preview ten modules. ¬†I was also able to use this app with three of my social skills groups. ¬†The students I used the app with were first, second, and fourth graders. ¬†I also plan to share this app with my school’s Speech Language Pathologist as it was created by SLP’s.

There are four categories on the app:  My School Day, Preschool Playtime, School Rules, and My Community.

photo (30)

photo (34)






photo (35)

photo (36)






My School Day contains four modules:  Classroom, Table Talk, Jungle Gym, and Laughing.  I used this portion of the app with all three groups as the issues addressed tied in well with what my students needed.  The video clips are short enough to keep the students engaged while still getting the point across.  Each video has actors demonstrating behaviors that are expected and unexpected.

photo (33)

Students are required to select the best answer for a question or a series of questions following each clip. ¬†Students are encouraged when they make correct answer selections as they hear, “Keep looking. ¬†There’s more.” ¬†If all answer choices are correct, students receive positive feedback such as, ¬†“Wow! ¬†You’ve really got it now!” or “Wow! ¬†You got them all! ¬†Great job!” ¬†My students seemed to really like the animated pictures that would pop up on the screen.

photo (31)

Preschool Playtime includes two modules: Playground and Preschool.  This category says preschool but is still great for the early primary grades.  It is geared toward children age 3-7.  I used a few videos from the playground module with my first grade group.

School Rules includes two modules:  Classroom Assignments and Hanging Out.  This category is geared toward students ranging from age 8-18.   The students in the videos appear to be in middle or high school.  I can see how most of the scenarios can be used with elementary students, but I would most likely use them with students in grades 4 and 5.

My Community includes two modules: ¬†Friend’s House and Restaurant. ¬†I like that this category deals with social behaviors outside of school. ¬†The students are able to review basic social skills involved when visiting a friend or eating out. ¬†It is appropriate for students ages 5-15.

It is very evident as to how this app can be used with a variety of ages. I like that the videos are of real children. ¬†I also like the positive feedback given when correct answers are chosen. ¬†The app is excellent for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. ¬†All of the students in my small groups are regular education students with the exception of one with an IEP who is on the autism spectrum. ¬†There were a few with attention difficulties. ¬†¬†I never had a student who wasn’t fully engaged while using the app. ¬†The questions were straight forward and to the point. ¬†Having a variety of answer choices made the students take time to think through their selections.

Of course, I would love to have more modules available on the app.  However, there are several videos included within each module.  I was able to easily spend the entire group period (30 minutes) just focusing on and discussing two of the modules.

Would you like to have this app for your iPad?  Enter my Social Skill Builder App Giveaway!  This giveaway will end at 11:59PM on Friday, April 12.

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