“Who Are You?” Thumball Giveaway

If  you don’t already have one, the Thumball (Thumb Ball) is a great ice breaker to use in your school counseling program at the beginning of the school year.   It is also great for small groups.  I’ve been using it this week during my visits with my fifth graders.  It’s always neat to hear some of the answers they come up with.  Some answers made me laugh, and others touched my heart.  I mentioned the Thumball in my last post and explained that as students catch the ball, they share an answer for whatever is under their thumbs.  The size of the Thumball is about four inches.

Some of the phrases on the ball include:

  • Three Wishes
  • Happiest Memory
  • Three Yummy Foods
  • Three Gross Foods
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie
  • Best Book or Author
  • Great Vacation Place
  • Funniest Cartoon

During one of my classes this week, several students told about their happiest memories.  One student said his happiest memory was when his football team won the super bowl.  Another said his happiest memory was seeing his dad for the first time in the hospital after his heart attack.  A girl shared about a time before her grandma died when her family washed the car with water guns.  Students sharing their three wishes often included things like having certain electronics devices or owning horses.  One student shared her third wish saying, “I wish my mom and dad were never divorced.” Another student wished he could just see his dad. Even during a simple ice breaker activity, I was able to make note of some of the concerns my fifth graders are having.

So today, I want one of you to have one of these Thumballs.

There will be one winner selected to win this prize.  I will contact the winner by email to request the mailing address where he or she would like the Thumball sent.  I have already ordered it with some other items of mine and will ship it directly to the winner once it arrives.  You may enter this contest by using the Rafflecopter widget below this post.  There are several ways to enter.  You will receive three entries for subscribing for email updates.   Two entries are given for liking Savvy School Counselor on Facebook or pinning this giveaway on Pinterest.  Also, one entry is given for following Savvy School Counselor on Twitter.  

Enter to win before 11:59 P.M. EST on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Thanks for participating!

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