Targeting Students At-Risk for Substance Abuse

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My thanks to Tim Wayne for sharing the following information and infographic for school counselors created for Bradley University’s online counseling program:

Unexplained absences, dipping academic performance, changing peer groups, and a whole range of physical symptoms: all of these signs can be telling when substance abuse is impacting the life of a student. Substance abuse continues to become a problem for thousands of students each day, with well over half of new users being younger than 18-years old.

As inevitable as drug use may seem among young people, school counselors are in a unique position to make a difference in their community. School counselors can play an important role in heading drug-prevention policies, offering effective prevention messaging, and providing support for students who are most vulnerable to the dangers of addiction.

While a drug-free environment requires an entire community of support, school counselors can play a unique role in recruiting parents, local law enforcement, and youth agencies to create a supportive community to help students resist substance abuse.

Learn more about the statistics of youth drug use, warning signs of substance abuse, and prevention strategies that you can take to make a difference in students’ lives in the infographic below.

Created for the Online Counseling Program at Bradley University


Thank you, Tim, for sharing this with my readers.  It is great information to refer to as we prepare for the upcoming school year.  Red Ribbon Week will be here before we know it!

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