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I was so excited to see this linky party on Tabitha’s blog, Scrapbook of a School Counselor.  Lunch bunch is one of my favorite things about my school counseling program.  You can check out my lunch bunch posts by clicking HERE.


For me, lunch bunch is a time to connect with students in an informal setting.  It is an opportunity to focus on a variety of needs within my school’s population that I may not otherwise have the chance to address during my classroom counseling lessons.  It also allows me to get more small groups in during the school year that will not take away from instruction time.  I usually have between 4-6 students per lunch bunch.


I usually find activities that do not involve writing or coloring.  This usually includes a book, discussion cards, or a discussion cube.  Some activities with laminated cards work well during lunch bunch also.  Some lunch bunches are just a time to get to know students.  During these types of groups, we mainly just chat and learn about some of the things we may have in common with each other.


Over the past few years, I have created a schedule which includes each grade level (K-5) in my school.  On a good year, I’m usually able to see children from each grade level between 7-9 times which is up to 54 groups.  To do this, I create a schedule which allows me to see two grade levels per week.  I send the form found in this blog post to each grade level the week before their assigned date.  The teachers are able to select the students they feel need the topic OR they tell me a need within their grade level they would like addressed.

This year, I am having lunch bunch groups with all of the new first through fifth graders in our school.   This will probably take me until the end of September to accomplish, but I am enjoying meeting them all.  Once I’m able to get through those groups, I will begin to plan out the rest of the year.  I may tweak my Lunch Bunch program some this year and see how things go.


I use my lunch bunch time as a way to reward good behavior as well.  In our school, students are expected to S.O.A.R.  S is for Show respect, O is for Order and Safety, A is for Awesome attitude, and R is for responsibility.  On occasion, I ask teachers to send their “SOARing” students for a mini celebration of sorts.  Their accomplishment is a big deal and I make sure they know it.  I usually invite an administrator to stop by and give pats on the back as well.


If you would like to participate, here are the instructions:
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Thanks, Tabitha, for creating a great linky party!  It’s so great to learn and get new ideas from each other!
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School Counseling Linky Party 2013

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Linky Party

I’m excited to join Marissa Rex of Elementary School Counseling.org for her 2013 School Counseling Linky Party!  Per her instructions, I have listed my best blog feature, my favorite blog post, my most popular blog post, and my top 5 school counseling blogs I follow.


Best Blog Feature

National Boards Support from Savvy School CounselorWhile pursuing National Board certification in 2008-09, I had a very difficult time finding support specific to school counselors.  I was able to find little tidbits here and there, but most of what I found was pretty general or just for teachers.  When I decided to create Savvy School Counselor, including NBPTS support for school counselors was one of my main focuses.  The process can be so overwhelming.  So, I have included a page on my blog with posts that break down the process for school counselors.  I am very happy to have found a way to help others on their NBPTS journey.  You can check out all of my NBPTS posts by clicking here.


Favorite Blog Post


Lunch Bunch Anyone?I conduct Lunch Bunch groups regularly at my school.  It is a time for me to work with and get to know more of the students at my school who may not otherwise attend a regular small group.  It allows me to tackle several topics throughout the school year.  It also gives me an opportunity to highlight good behavior.  Lunch Bunch Anyone? is a series of posts that I will continue to write that share how I conduct the group sessions along with some activities I use.



Most Popular Blog Post

Test Taking Foldable


With over 20,500 views to date, my most popular blog post is 8 Tips New Test Takers Should Know.  This was one of my first blog posts when I launched back in late April of 2012.  I was amazed at how many people like this idea. I believe it remains my most popular post because it wasn’t just something school counselors could utilize.  Many who pinned this on Pinterest are teachers.



Top 5 Blogs

Just look at the “My Favorites” page to see my top five blogs.  Although I will be “spotting” some of my other favorites in the new year, I took the time in 2012 to highlight the following five blogs:

Elementary School Counseling

 JYJ Counselor


Corner on Character

 School Counselor Blog

School Counseling By HeartSchool Counseling By Heart


How to Participate

Create a blog post titled “School Counseling Linky Party 2013.”
Place the Linky Party logo (above) in your post.
Answer the questions (above).
Submit your blog post link to Elementary School Counseling. Be sure to link to the actual post, not your homepage.