Growth Mindset: Bubble Gum Brain

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BubbleGumBrainI know I am just one of many school counselors who LOVES Julia Cook and her great children’s books.  My school counseling program wouldn’t be complete without them!  Today, Julia’s newest book, Bubble Gum Brain: Ready, Get Mindset…GROW! was released.  I am so excited to already have a copy, and today I want to tell you why you’ll have to have it!

If you are already familiar with Julia Cooks many titles, you know how much children enjoy them and how she’s able to find creative ways to help them understand a wide array of topics from divorce and test taking to personal space and tattling.  This newest book doesn’t disappoint!

In Bubble Gum Brain , Julia creatively uses the characteristics of bubble gum to explain growth mindset.  The Bubble Gum Brain character says, “I like to chew on my thoughts, flex, bend and stretch my brain, and expand the way I think!  I make great mistakes that help me learn.”  She also has a character displaying a fixed mindset.  His name is Brick Brain, and he says, “With me, things are the way they are…and they’re probably not going to change much.  I am the way I am…and that’s just how it is.”

Throughout the book, both Bubble Gum Brain and Brick Brain are seen encountering the same situations, experiences, tests and trials.  We read how each character responds to each situation from both perspectives.  The examples are great and just right for helping young students understand the difference between a growth and fixed mindset.  Eventually, Bubble Gum Brain suggests that Brick Brain try using his own bubble gum brain by  peeling off his bubble gum wrapper.  It’s just a matter of time before Brick Brain begins to change his way of thinking, and his gray scale  image becomes full color.  I like the phrase near the end which says “becoming is better than being.”

This wonderful book teaches kids that the sky is the limit.  I absolutely LOVE it, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my school counseling program next year. Her 7 “Tips For Growing a Child’s Mindset” on the last two pages of the book are excellent and include teaching kids the power of yet and helping them understand it’s okay and even necessary to make mistakes as we learn and grow.  You will undoubtedly be glad you added this book to your school counseling library!

Check out this YouTube video featuring Julia talking about her new book!

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