Social Detective Intermediate App Review

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Social Detective AppToday I am sharing a new app called Social Detective Intermediate.  It is a collaborative app of Social Thinking and Social Skill Builder, Inc.   Thank you to Cheryl of Social Skill Builder, Inc. for providing the promo code for me to use in order to complete my review.

This app was created to follow the Social Detective Beginner app.  It was created for children seven years and older and focuses on helping them decode the thoughts and emotions of those they come in contact with.


Upon opening the app, new players are asked to create an avatar.  There are several to choose from.


Once completed, you are directed to touch the detective equipment to get started.  After clicking the Social Detective Notebook, a pretest is given. The player is asked to drag the correct thought over the head of someone in the picture.  Once the correct thought is identified, the player is asked to identify how the person in the scenario is feeling.  Finally, the player chooses the “smart guess” the character should make.  A smart guess is defined in the app as “when we use all of our tools (remembering, seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling) to figure things out and then make a guess based on what we know about the world.”  These are all important social skills students need to know and be able to display.

Next, there is a 42 question test which includes 14 video clips and again the player is asked to identify what one of the characters is thinking, feeling and his or her smart guess.  Throughout the test, positive reinforcement is given to encourage players showing how much progress has been made.


After completing the entire test, the player is then given access to the flashlight.  Another pretest is given to earn the flashlight.  The player is then given another round of  video test questions.  This round includes identifying the character’s thought, smart guess and plan after making the smart guess.  Halfway through this test, the player gets to make his or her own smart guesses and identify the tools used to make the guess.




My review of this app came just at the time a student was referred to me to address these very same areas covered throughout the game.  I really like that the app is interactive and that it gives immediate feedback and encouragement.  I like that it reads aloud to the player to assist those students needing reading support.  Finally, I really like that it builds elementary students’ vocabulary using words like considerate and annoyed.

You can check out a quick YouTube preview of the Social Detective Intermediate App below!

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School Counseling App: Decide Now!

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Decide Now! App - Savvy School CounselorI recently purchased an iPad app that will be a great addition to my school counseling program.  It’s called Decide Now! by Catforce Studio.

The app comes with several preset wheels like:  Where to eat?  Where to travel? and Weekend activities.  When I first purchased it, I immediately started thinking of several ways to use it in my program.  I want to share those ideas with you in this post.

When you prepare to create your wheels, you will touch the settings icon on the bottom right side of the screen.  A box will open and you will touch the + sign to add a new wheel.  Next, you will give your wheel a name.  You can also choose a color scheme for your wheel.  You will see a green circle with a + sign inside for adding each of the labels for your wheel.  It’s pretty simple!

How To Create a Wheel

One of the main ways educators use the app is for choosing a student to call on randomly.  School counselors can use it the same way for classes and/or small groups.  Because there is an unlimited amount of wheels you can make, you could also make one for each of your classes as well if that’s your preference.  But, what other ways can school counselors use this app?

  • Anger Management Strategies:  Use the spinner to discuss the different strategies during small groups or with individual students.
  • Character Education:  Add different character traits to the spinner.  One way you could use it would be to review student’s understanding of the different traits.  Spin the wheel and the student(s) tell what the trait means or how they or someone can use the trait.
  • Bullying:  When discussing different scenarios, students can spin the wheel and give their take from the perspective of the bully, victim or bystander.  How can the bully make a change?  What can the bystander do to make the best choice?  What can the victim do in this specific situation?
  • Careers:  As students are learning about the different career clusters, you can use Decide Me! to assess how much they have learned.  Add different professions to the wheel and have the students decide which cluster the job belongs to.
  • Learning Styles:  This would be great to use in academic groups when discussing the different ways people learn.
  • Feelings Charades:  Add several feelings to the wheel and use the spinner to play feelings charades.

Here are a couple of screen shots of my wheels.

Decide Now! App - Careers - Savvy School Counselor

Decide Now! App - Anger Management - Savvy School Counselor









The Decide Now! wheel could also be used for choosing prizes for games.  If you are playing Bingo with a group or class, and you have a selection of prizes, students could spin the wheel to reveal the prize they’ve won.  Additionally, you could add brain breaks to the wheel and use the spinner to choose one when the kids need a mental break during a lesson.

The regular app is just $0.99 and well worth it.  There is a lite version, but it does not include the ability to create your own wheels.

If you would like a chance to win the app for your iPad, please take a moment to enter my giveaway below.  Five will win!!  Unfortunately, I can only gift this app to entrants who use US iTunes.  I have contacted the Catforce Studio about donating codes for a giveaway, but I have not heard back from them yet.  If and when I do, and if I receive any codes, I’ll have another giveaway on my Facebook page.

This giveaway will end on Monday, June 8 at 11:59PM (EST).  I will email the winners on Tuesday, June 9.

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I’d love to hear some of your ideas for using Decide Now!  If you have an idea, please leave a comment.

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Social Skill Builder App Updates and Giveaway

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Social Skill Builder App Giveaway on SavvySchoolCounselor.comLast year, I wrote a review about the Social Skill Builder App.  This app comes in a full version and a lite version.  You can check out my previous post to learn more about what the app offers.  There are new modules included in the “My School Day” section.   When I first posted about the app, there were only four modules.  Now there are ten.  Like before, the newer modules include videos of various school day situations followed by questions for students to answer.


Social Skill Builder

Here’s a little about each of the newest modules included since I posted last:

Transition Time demonstrates how students should respond during a transition.  The example used in the module is the end of recess.

Social Skill Builder- Transition

Cubby shows the appropriate way a group of students should use their cubbies along with expected behaviors when several students are at the cubby area at one time.

Social Skill Builder- Cubby

Lunch Time demonstrates how students should find a seat in the cafeteria and table manners.  It also shows the correct way to go through the lunch line.

Social Skill Builder- Lunchtime

Social Skill Builder- Lunchtime







Eating shows students’ expected and unexpected behaviors when eating such as chewing with your mouth closed (expected) and wiping your mouth with your hand (unexpected).

Social Skill Builder- Eating

Social Skill Builder- Eating







Team Games 1 and Team Games 2 focus on appropriate ways to play, what to do if someone gets hurt and good sportsmanship.

Social Skill Builder- Team Games

I have used the app with my social skills groups, and they have enjoyed using it.  I would love to hear from those of you using Social Skill Builder with your students.  If you have used it, please leave a comment and share how it has worked for your students.

Something that has changed since last year is the price of the app.  If you want to purchase the full version, it is now $19.99.  The Lite version is still $2.99 and allows in-app purchases of additional modules.

Here’s another chance for someone to win a code for the FULL Version of the Social Skills Builder App- a $19.99 Value.  All you need to do is enter this giveaway before 11:59 PM (EST) on Monday, April 21.
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Giveaway: Social Skill Builder App

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Savvy School Counselor App Giveaway!  Enter to win today!  3 will win!!

Yesterday, I posted a review about the full version of the Social Skill Builder App.  This app sells for $12.99.

I’m excited to announce my latest Blog Giveaway!  Social Skill Builder, Inc. has graciously donated THREE FULL Social Skill Builder Apps for me to give to three of my blog readers!  So what are you waiting for?  Enter now!!!

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Great iPad App for School Counselors

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Our school recently received a grant which gave us 180 iPads!  So, I have been on the lookout for iPad apps to use for my school counseling program. I came across an iPad app today that can be used for classroom guidance, small groups, or individual counseling sessions. It’s called “Feel Electric” and is an Electric Company app created by Sesame Street.  I really like the fact that this app is all about feelings.  There are four areas of play:  My Life, My Games, My Stuff, and What’s the Word.

To start, users are able to choose three feeling words for the “Today I feel…” section.  There are several feeling words to choose from.  If you don’t know what the word means, you can tap the word and the definition is read aloud for you.  The definition is accompanied by a picture of Danny or Jessica showing the feeling face.  You can choose three words to describe how you are feeling today.





My Life

The My Life section features “Mood Dude” whose arms, eyebrows, eyes, and mouth can be changed to illustrate your mood.  It’s a very cute feature.

Also featured are Mood Tales.  Here, you select various words to complete a mood story.  If you’ve ever done a Mad Libs story, this is very similar.  After choosing all of the words, the story is read aloud for you using the words you chose.






Clicking “Moodosphere” will show your mood on the map.  After choosing feelings associated with anger, my mood map showed lightening bolts.  Clicking edit allows you to choose new feeling words.  The “weather outlook” changes on my map after choosing the feelings cheerful, brave, and proud.






My Games

There are three games included:  Pets vs. Monsters, Prankster Madness, and Hey You Guys…Catch!  Each one involves matching a feeling word to the feeling face by either hitting it with a bat, catching it while riding a skateboard, or launching it across a field to hit the matching target.

 My Stuff

My stuff includes pictures, music, and videos.  Students can take pictures and add them to the device.  They can decorate the picture with stickers that say how the picture makes them feel.  There are several pictures of different Electric Company scenes to use.  Mood dude pictures also show up in the My Stuff section as well.

The music and video sections includes a few Electric Company songs and videos.  You can also add you own songs and videos to the device.





What’s the Word?

On the bottom right side of the screen is “What’s the Word?”  If you tap it, all of the feeling words and faces will come up.  You can tap the feeling word you want to hear the definition of.

To encourage users to keep learning new words, the app gives points for just about every action you do while playing.  This includes five points every time you listen to the definition of a word in the “What’s the Word?” section.

There you have it!  I look forward to using this app with students at my school.  Students are able to look (visual), listen (auditory), and do something (kinesthetic) thus meeting the needs of the three learning styles.  As of today, this app is FREE!

How do you use iPads in your school counseling program?

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