Traits of Good Character Freebie

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Traits of Good Character Freebie - CitizenshipHappy Saturday, everyone!  I know some of you are already enjoying your summer break.  I’m entering into my last full week of school.  I’ll be working until June 10.  I still have so much to do, but it will all get done some how.

In the midst of all the busy days, an idea for character posters came to me and I had to create it!  The posters talk about how you can use different parts of your body to show the different character traits.  I created eleven of them, so I took one and made it into a FREEBIE for you.  Citizenship is the trait used in the freebie.  The actual pack of ten traits includes responsibility, respect, courage, kindness, self-discipline, integrity, perseverance, good judgment, fairness and empathy.  Each character trait comes with a poster in both color and black/white telling how to use your body to show the trait. It also comes with an activity sheet for a more hands-on approach. Students cut and glue the descriptions to the sheet, draw lines to the parts of the body they describe and create their own sentence about the trait using a different part of the body or one that has already been mentioned.

There is a Facebook giveaway for the entire pack which will end at 9:00 tonight and the Traits of Good Character Pack is marked at 50% off all day today.

Click HERE to get your Citizenship Freebie!

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TpT Two-Day Sale and a Freebie

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TpT Sale

Teachers pay Teachers is having it’s quarterly site wide sale today and tomorrow.  Use the code TAD13 to receive 10% off of your total purchase.  I have added an additional 15% off in my store on all products, for a total of 25% off any purchases made today and tomorrow.

I recently added a new product called Feeling Faces which focuses on the four “staple” feelings: happy, sad, angry, and scared.  To give you an idea of what the product is like, I created a freebie to share here with you.  Click the picture below to download. (Thank you so much to a reader who caught a type-o in the last sentence!  The PDF has been fixed! It’s amazing how you read over and read over things, but they still slip by!)


Students read the sentence and decide how the character is feeling.  They circle the feeling word and draw the face on the character showing how he or she is feeling.  On the second page, students write about a time they felt the same way along with three sentences telling what they can do if they ever feel that way in the future.  The product includes four sets similar to this freebie.  Be sure to check them out!

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