Setting Up the Office: B-Boards and Displays

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It’s amazing how we, as educators, can work in our rooms all day long and feel like we’ve barely accomplished anything by the end of the day!  I’ve been so excited to start seeing my school counseling Pinterest inspirations come to fruition.

Today, I finished the small bulletin board outside my office, the bulletin board behind my desk inside my office, and one of my doors-for the most part! I also put my character trait sayings back up.  I’ve been so excited to be back in my guidance office this year with sufficient space for all I need to do.  I had no bulletin boards last year, so even though boxes and such are still all over the floor- I spent most of the day laminating, cutting, and putting together my boards!

First is my board inspired by Danielle from School Counselor Blog.  I couldn’t wait to do this board.  I purchased the puzzle pieces from a teacher supply store. (Trend- Classic Accents)  I traced and cut out the letters by hand.  I even punched holes to add the polka dots on them.  I found the border at Target in the $1 section.

Also inspired by Danielle is my “What you say in here stays in here” poster I ordered from Vista Print.

Next is my bucket filler board.  I first saw these buckets on a bulletin board here on Pinterest.  Here is my adaptation.  I purchased the buckets at the teacher supply store. (CTP- Designer Cut-Outs)  I decided to put the title “How will you fill a bucket?”  On each bucket, I added different ways to fill someones bucket such as saying kind words, smiling, and giving compliments. I have several extra buckets to add more ideas in the future. The smaller side of the board is for the monthly calendar, my lunch bunch schedule, and other schedules I’ll need to see at-a-glance.

I’ve always had this on my door to show where I am.  I came across this pin on Pinterest and decided to try something new.  This is the door on the main hallway.  I have another door that enters into the student services suite area.  I’ll be putting my buddy Garfield back on that door.


Finally, I have my character trait sayings.  I’ve had these for eight years.  I have no idea who created them, but I took them from a paper I received at a school counselor meeting and created this display.  I purchased to kids from a teacher supply store.  I’ll probably create a caption to go with it at some point.

I still have A LOT to finish in my office.  We have several meetings and open house this week, so I am hoping I can have some final pictures by Friday.

Stick around!  You can follow Savvy School Counselor with free email updates.  As always, I’d love to hear from you.  Is there something special you’ve done in your office this year that you’re excited about?

16 thoughts on “Setting Up the Office: B-Boards and Displays

  1. Hi Vanessa!! I LOVE your office space and I LOVE what you did with the bulletin boards!! They look Great!! I’m going to look for the puzzle piece bulletin board trim at Target. I just picked up foam puzzle shapes at the $1 Spot. I haven’t been able to get into my office yet this year due to an unplanned construction project (yikes!), but I hope to something as cool as you did!!! Keep up the great work!!! Love your blog!!

    • Thank you so much, AnnMarie! I’m STILL stepping over boxes in my office! With a three hour meeting tomorrow, a four hour district meeting on Thursday morning, and open house on Thursday afternoon… I have a lot to squeeze into a little bit of time.

  2. How do you handle appointment requests? I do not have a counseling secretary or waiting area… I saw a glimpse of your appt request system next to your “Where am I” display for your door… would love to hear how anyone else handles this who has similar challenges

    • Hi, Rebecca!

      As forms are placed in the envelope on my door, I add students to my individual counseling slots on my calendar. I document the day and time I saw the student on their request form after I’ve seen them and check the student off on my calendar. If my schedule interrupts my session, I find the next available spot for the student and erase the name from the original location. I have small slips that I fill out and place in the teacher’s box so he or she will let the student know when the appointment is scheduled.

  3. thanks so much! I am trying to understand the practical aspect of it — you keep an envelope on your door? what kind/attached how? and do they write their own notes or use a form/available where? just trying to work out some logistics… thank you so much!

    • Yes, there is an envelope on the door (which is actually a laminated file folder) and referral forms in a smaller envelope on the door as well. Students have access to the forms anytime they need them. Many will take one on their way to the computer lab or they will grab one upon arrival to school. Pencils are available if they want to fill it out on the spot. Many take them and return them later.

  4. Your office looks great!! I am finishing mines up and I plan to use some of your ideas. Are the punch out kids 6 inches or 10 inches?

    • You know, Ashley, I’ve only ever worked in an elementary school so that’s where my mind tends to focus. However, I believe many ideas can be tweaked here and there in order to use them with older students. The “Feeling Puzzled” board can be used in a high school. You might not use the bulky puzzle pieces like I did, but the message is still one that fits the high school population.

  5. So, I was working in my office today and I am still trying to come up with a better system for student requests to see the counselor. Last year, I had a mail system on my door. I had a clear storage container on the door with a file folder for the requests once they were completed by the student. To my surprise (and disappointment) some of the students where going through the folder to see who had requested to see the counselor. This was even after we talked about the importance of privacy. So, I am looking for any suggestions to improve my system for student privacy.

    • I currently have a file folder/envelope on my door. The door is on the K-1 hallway. I check it regularly as I enter my room. A suggestion would be to have teachers keep self-referral slips and have students give them to their teachers to put in your box in the office. The only caveat would be the teacher knowing about the request or perhaps reading the form which still takes away from student privacy. Some students are okay with that, others aren’t. I’ve had students wait to give their form to me after a guidance lesson before as well. Maybe that could be encouraged.

  6. Hi Vanessa,
    I LOVE the Counselor flag above your door! Please tell me where I can buy one–it’s perfect for my set up.

    • We had flags made for our entire school at a local printing shop. We told them what we wanted on each one and they just made them. If there is a shop in your area that makes banners and such, you could show them a photo of the flag from the blog, and I’m sure they could make one for you. If you’d like, I can see if anyone remembers the name of the company we used here and let you know. I can’t remember as it has been several years now.

  7. I love your ‘What you say in here stays in here’ poster. Can I purchase this from your tpt store? I have seen several versions of this poster, but I prefer the one you posted above. I am a first year school counselor & I’ve really been enjoying your site..thanks for sharing so much!

    • Hi, Lesley! Thank you. I had this made at VistaPrint so I’m afraid I don’t sell it. They are not difficult to design though.

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