The Savvy Files Series

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Savvy Files SeriesI am excited to launch The Savvy Files Series.  This ongoing series is a group of “file” activities created around various school counseling topics.  Most of the packs will include both a primary and intermediate version.  I have said, and will continue to say in each pack – you of course know your students best and will know which version is most suited for their specific needs.  In my mind, primary may be used for K-2.  Intermediate may be used for grades 2-5.  As a former second grade teacher, I feel as though second grade falls right in between and can go either way in some situations.

These activities are great for all methods of delivery:  Classroom counseling, small groups and individual sessions.  You may choose to prep them ahead of time for your smaller sessions , but only if you want to.  The general idea is for students to do the creating.

So far, five “Files” have been released.  Be sure to download The Friendship Files – FREEBIE from my store.  This pack is free to give everyone the full idea of how the packs are set up.  This pack only contains an intermediate version.

The Friendship Files - FREEBIE

This series is ongoing and each of the packs will be released as they are completed.  So far, along with The Friendship Files, I have released The Bully Buster Files, The Meet the Counselor Files, The New Student Files and The Respect Files.  A list of forthcoming files is included in the FREEBIE.  I also ask that you email me with any ideas you may have for future Savvy Files packs.

The Respect Files - Savvy School Counselor The New Student Files - Savvy School Counselor






The Meet the Counselor Files - Savvy School Counselor The Bully Buster Files - Savvy School Counselor






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College Planning Calendar Infographic

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This college planning infographic was recently shared with me, and I wanted to share it with you.  This is a great tool, especially for secondary school counselors and even middle school counselors to use with transitioning eighth graders.

To visit the webpage, Click Here ——>  Complete College Planning Calendar, or click the infographic.

College Planning Guide
Source: Online College

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Periscope Interest Survey

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So…this school counselor is nervously contemplating testing the waters of Periscope.  When I tell you I’m a bundle of nerves thinking about it, that’s an understatement.  However, I think it’s a great way to connect with followers, share ideas and learn as well.

So, I need you to do a couple of things for me:

  1.  Please follow me on Periscope.  My user name is @SvySchCounselor.  Periscope is a free app for IOS and Android.  I had to google “periscope app” when I wanted to download it onto my iPad. I’m not sure if that is still the case.  I was able to find it in the Google Play Store on my Android device.  You’ll need to have a twitter account to create your Periscope account as Twitter is the parent to Periscope.
  2.  Please take this quick survey telling me what kinds of content you’d like to see on a Savvy School Counselor Scope.

  Click Here for Survey!!!

As I work to overcome my fear of pushing the broadcast button… I’ll use your feedback as a guide for mapping my way and helping me decide if I want to go for it.  Also, if you’re a school counselor who Scopes, please let me know so I can follow you.

Thanks for your help!

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College and Career Readiness

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If there is one area I want to see grow in my school counseling program, it is college and career readiness.  Today, I am sharing a great resource and a bulletin board idea.

First, I want to share a book from Youthlight.  Lisa King authored a great resource called How to Create a College Day.  It was created specifically for grades 3-8 so it can be used by both elementary and middle school counselors.

College and Career Readiness - Savvy School CounselorThis resource includes a CD.  It provides a timeline for creating a college day along with lesson plans and activities.  It also includes ideas for bulletin boards and decorations.  Letter templates and forms are already created for you, and the CD includes powerpoints for both a classroom lesson and a stakeholder’s presentation.

A Pre/Post Test is included for gathering data.  There is also a list of suggested speakers for the event.

I like the idea of students “choosing courses” which is how they determine which speakers they would like to hear.  I also like the college day lunch idea where students invite a family member who attended or attends college to come have lunch.  Everyone is encouraged to wear their respective college gear.

There are so many great ideas:  craft activities, reproducible sheets, door decorating ideas and college readiness articles.  I believe the ideas in this book could also be used when planning a career day.

If you are planning a college day or college week at your school, this book is an excellent resource and a great guide.  I am so excited to use it!

Bulletin Board

College and Career Readiness - Savvy School Counselor

This bulletin board is a display I plan to change at different points throughout the school year.  I got the idea from a school counselor I follow on twitter.  (@LFESCounselor)  She created a board similar to this at her school that she changes weekly.  Be sure to check her out on Twitter.  She shares lots of great pictures and ideas from her program.  My time always tends to get away from me, so I named my board “College and Career Spotlight” so I wouldn’t keep missing a weekly deadline…lol.  (Note to self…It’s time to change the board!)  I think it’s been well received.  I started by creating and sending a google form requesting the names of colleges and universities attended by our staff.  The colleges I spotlight will come from that list.  On the right side, I will focus on an individual career cluster.  Once the new school year begins, I’ll be more likely to get through all sixteen clusters.  Hopefully I’ll get through several some a few before the end of the school year. (Where does the time go?  I don’t know how @LFESCounselor does it! lol)

Another way the staff at my school promotes college awareness is by wearing college gear on the last Friday of every month.

Be sure to check out my career products in my store.

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It’s a Cyber Smile Sale!

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Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!  So the Savvy School Counselor Store is participating in the Teachers pay Teachers Site-wide sale.  The sale begins tonight at 12:01 A.M. (November 30) and will run until 11:59 P.M. on Tuesday, December 1. During those two days, you can save 28% on all items in my store.  All you need to do is use the Promo Code: SMILE for the complete discount.  These discounts will be in addition to my already discounted combo and bundled packs.

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Teaching Good Study Habits

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Learn about this study skills resource, STEP UP to Better Grades, by Robin Zorn. - Savvy School CounselorDon’t you just love when you choose a school counseling resource online and SCORE!?  Well, let me tell you about another resource from Youthlight that you should consider adding to your collection of resources.  STEP UP to Better Grades was created by Robin Zorn, the 2014 School Counselor of the Year.  As soon as I began looking through the book at the lessons and all of the activity options included, I began to think of so many ways to use this resource.  Let me tell you more about it.

The book includes a CD with all of the activities and games along with PowerPoints and letters for parents.  Pre- and Post-Tests are also included.  There are core lessons for each study habit and 66 additional extension activities.

Each letter in STEP UP represents a different study habit.

  • S is for Space:  This section focuses on making a suitable work space at home similar to the work space at school.
  • T is for Tools:  This section discusses the necessary tools students need to stay organized such as agendas, keeping back packs and desks neat and in order and creating a schedule.
  • E is for Ending:  Ending focuses on goal setting and prioritizing.  Setting and meeting goals will help students feel successful with their learning.
  • P is for Pay Attention:  The activities involve different ways for students to practice staying focused by challenging students using memory activities.
  • U is for Understand Directions:  This section provides a variety of activities for students to practice following verbal and written directions.
  • P is for Practice:  This area provides ideas students can use to help them remember and learn information by first discovering their learning style and then by learning helpful techniques such as using mnemonics.

One thing I really like about the activities in this book is that most learning styles can benefit from the activities.  Many of the these lessons really get the students involved and moving or using their hands.  That alone is exciting to me, because I believe it’s so important to reach as many learning styles as possible during my lessons.

Another great thing about this book is that it incorporates ASCA standards.  The standards addressed are included in a document on the CD.

Finally, I love how Robin provides activities that tie good study habits to career development.

Like I said before, there are so many ways this book can be used.  The activities may be used for classroom counseling lessons, small groups or individual counseling sessions.  I’m always excited to find new ways to spice up my school counseling program.

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