Miguel: A Deportation Story

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I’m sure I’m not the only school counselor who has heard from students about their fears of deportation. Some fear for themselves while others are U.S. Citizens and fear for their parents and other members of their families.  It’s always wonderful to have a variety of books to turn to in your school counseling library for various issues students contend with. Miguel: A Deportation Story by Susan Bowman is one I am glad to add to my collection.

Miguel is an eight year old boy who was born in the United States, but his parents were not.  Like many students we come in contact with everyday, he is very concerned his parents could be deported at any time.  They took the time to explain to him how they came to the United States along with why they fear being caught and sent back to their country.

One day Miguel’s fears became a reality when he returned home to find his father being taken away by police officers.  With his father now gone, he began to have bad dreams about being left alone without his parents.  He worried so much that he ran away from school when he saw police officers visiting.  Afterwards, his mom had him speak with his school counselor who explained to him that he was a U.S. citizen and that he is safe at school.  He was encouraged by his counselor to share his story with lawmakers as this could possibly influence them to change the laws.  His counselor helped him meet with other students with the same experiences, and Miguel sent all of their stories to the state senator.  He learned that it may take some time to see the change, but he was very proud of himself for taking action instead of living in fear.

Miguel: A Deportation Story provides an excellent way to approach the issue of deportation not only for elementary aged students but older students as well.  It tells a story that many of our students will be able to relate to and offers an excellent way to encourage them to make a difference in their own communities.

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