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  1. Hey Vanessa! Can you explain the incentive cards a little more? It sounds like a neat idea but I’m having trouble envisioning it. Love your blog btw (I’m a newbie)!


    • Hi, Stephanie and thanks!

      Vistaprint has what are called “loyalty cards” which you find at restaurants or even places like Jiffy Lube for loyal customers. It has blocks across the bottom for punches or initials from the business. I was thinking of using them for students who I am keeping track of with behavior concerns. With each good report I receive from his or her teacher, I will punch the card. The student will receive a reward for completing the punch card.

      ETA: I’ve also seen these on Pinterest. I’m sure there is a template that can be printed onto business cards you can purchase from Walmart or Target. I’ll be looking into that as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Just found your website via Pinterest and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas, lessons, etc. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas! I’ve incorporated some into my program and I’m off to a great start. You are very creative and you are a gem for sharing! 🙂 I love your “punch card” idea–gotta think about that one.
    As a behavior incentive, I bring my “prize bag” (filled with dollar store fun things) to my guidance lessons with a word search activity that is done at the end of my lesson. The students really look forward to that activity, of course. However, I’ve explained during my 1st lesson that I can only allow the prize bag activity if students are participating, cooperative, attentive and respectful. Sometimes, I have to do 1-2 warnings but usually we end up playing the fun activity. I reward the top 2 people who find the most words. I do this activity with 2-5 graders only. With K-1, I bring my scented stickers–and they always do the trick! 🙂
    thanks again for sharing. Continue to have a great school year.

  4. I am curious about the grant you received for the Ipads. Would you mind sharing the details? We are interested in something similar and have struggled with options. Thanks so much. Love your blog!

  5. Hello Vanessa,

    Your site is excellent! I have been beating myself up about many of the questions that do seem to sound alike. Could you please elaborate on entry 3? What process did you use to assist the student in setting high, worthwhile, and appropriate goals & etc……


    • Hi, Barbara. Thank you very much!

      I will be doing a post on Entry 3 this week. However, I will email you about your question.

  6. Hi Vanessa,

    I look forward to seeing your post regarding Entry 3. I am currently reviewing the question regarding knowledge of human growth and development along with the academic theories of motivation and skill dev. Does this mean that I should be using more than one academic motivation theory?

  7. Hi Vanessa,

    I just discovered your blog!!!AWESOME you have some great information!!! Thanks so much for sharing… 🙂

  8. Love your blog! For entry 3, I am working with a first grader on focus. Should the goal be academic such as increasing reading level to______or completing work? Thanks!

  9. Hi Vanessa,
    I LOVE the Counselor banner that hangs over your door! I’ve looked all over and can’t find the source. Please share where you got it.
    Thanks for this and all your wonderful ideas!

  10. Saya seorang konselor sekolah di Indonesia, saya senang sekali dengan blog anda dan ini menjadi inspirasi buat saya. Vanessa saya senang sekali dapat belajar dengan pengalaman Anda. Catarina

  11. I just discovered your resourceful website and found many tools I can use. Do you have any materials that focus on divorce, death of parent or family member, and suicide ideology?

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