Look Who’s Been “Spotted!”: Scrapbook of a School Counselor

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Look Who's Been Spotted! - Scrapbook of a School CounselorI’m excited to add another blog to My Favorites today!  Scrapbook of a School Counselor is a wonderful school counseling blog authored by Tabitha Panariso.  Tabitha shares a fresh perspective of school counseling with unique ideas for new and veteran counselors alike.   I’d like to take this time to share why her blog is one of my favorites.

  • Tabitha shares her use of surveys and data to help drive her school counseling program.  I was impressed last year by her post Needs Assessments and Thick Skin.  In this post Tabitha fully disclosed her feelings of discouragement and sadness after surveying the staff at her school and receiving commentary on one of the anonymous surveys which “crushed” her.  I admired her first for sharing this with her readers, but mostly for picking herself up, dusting herself off and recognizing her first year was a success and one point of view could not define her entire school year.  The last section of her post is very encouraging.  Check it out!

This year she surveyed grades 3-5 and acquired feedback from her students to assist her with program planning for the coming school year.  She created the survey using Google Drive.  You can read more by viewing her post Surveying Your Student Population.

  • Tabitha has great small group ideas.  One very popular post tells how to make a Worry Box.  She uses this with small groups and individual students.  This activity allows students to share their worries anonymously and helps the school counselor facilitate a discussion with the group regarding how they can relate to those worries.  I like that it can be used to facilitate discussion about any topic of concern for students. More recently, she shared a great girl’s group post.  Her group is called S.A.S.S. which stands for “Stong And Smart Sisterhood.”  In her post, she gives the pros and cons about her experience with the group this year.  She lists several resources school counselors can use when planning a girl’s group. She also shares a photo of a felt quilt the students made at the conclusion of the group.  Love it!!

If you have not had the opportunity to check out this great blog, you can visit by clicking the button below.  It’s great to have bloggers like Tabitha who continue to verify why school counseling  is such an awesome profession.  Thanks, Tabitha!

Scrapbook of a School Counselor Link

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Look Who’s Been Spotted: Entirely Elementary School Counseling

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Look Who's Been Spotted! - Entirely Elementary School CounselingAre you looking for some great and original ideas for your school counseling program?  If so, be sure to check out Dr. Susan Fuller’s blog Entirely Elementary School Counseling!  I am always waiting to see what she will post next. You can see one of her creations, the “Be” display,  on the wall just outside my office.  I want to take this time to share with you why this blog is one of my favorites!

  • Entirely Elementary School Counseling contains several great lesson ideas including the Coping With Conflict Toolbox and Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control.  The very first lesson I adapted was Dr. Fuller’s lesson using one of my favorite books titled One by Kathryn Otoshi.  I like how she talked about sharing this picture book with 5th graders at the end of the school year which is exactly what I did.  I especially like how she tied in the discussion of people in history who have made a difference.  I am looking forward to using the book with my fifth grade friends again this year.
  • Dr. Fuller is also very creative and shares several ideas on her site. Be sure to check out her Motivational Medals and her Button Bucket.  One idea I LOVE that I mentioned earlier is the “Be” wall she shared.  This went along with her theme for this school year which is “Be Yourself.”  I’ve said before in another post, I was so appreciative that she shared the words and signs on her blog for all to use.  I have gotten so many compliments about my display.  I am always sure to mention the awesome counselor who shared it so that I could create it!
  • Entirely Elementary School Counseling also has great ideas for small groups.  Dr. Fuller recently included an awesome post, Winterized Small Groups- Part 1, where she explains in great detail how she organizes her small groups.  This post has so much information, and it really made me want to rethink my approach to the small groups I conduct outside of Lunch Bunch.  The “Part 1” in the title indicates there is more great information to come, and I am looking forward to it.

What I’ve mentioned here is just a sampling of what can be found on Dr. Fuller’s wonderful blog.  Be sure to check it out.  I am certain you’ll find several great ideas to incorporate into your school counseling program.  This blog does not disappoint!

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Look Who’s Been “Spotted!”- School Counseling By Heart

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I’m excited to add another blog to My Favorites today.  School Counseling By Heart is a wonderful school counseling blog authored by Rebecca Lallier.  I am always impressed by her insightful blog posts which cover a wide range of topics.  To learn why she calls her blog “School Counseling By Heart,” check out her About Page.  It is a great example of the time and thought she puts into her blog posts.  I want to take this time to tell why this blog is one of my favorites.

  • Rebecca often shares cool ideas about resources school counselors can use in their programs.  I most recently learned about the game Max which is absolutely, positively Rebecca’s most favorite counseling game of all time throughout eternity (so far)! 🙂 After reading her post, which included all of the skills this game can help children build, I was convinced I had to have it!  There’s also her wonderful idea about using Post-It notes to help students talk about uncomfortable feelings.  In this post, Rebecca shares how she uses this method with students who are depressed or anxious.  It is a wonderful idea for helping students process their feelings.  Check it out!
  • Rebecca also shares her experience of working with Hospice and dealing with grief issues.  I was especially moved by her post “When a Staff Member Dies.”  In this post, she shares about the experience of losing staff members as well as other school family.  My school has lost two wonderful staff members.  The most recent occurred this past December 2011, so I immediately connected to the experiences she shared. She gives excellent tips on what to consider if this unfortunate event happens at your school.  She also lists several pieces of literature that are helpful to read.  I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Rebecca for advice if I had to face a similar situation in the future.
  • I have found wonderful lesson ideas on School Counseling By Heart.  “What’s Behind the Angry Mask” offers a great activity to do with your students to assist them with discovering the root cause of their anger.  Rebecca tells her students that anger is often a mask that hides other feelings. She says the students are better able to work through their feelings after the angry mask lesson.  “Moving Up to Middle School” is another great post where she shares how to assist your rising 6th graders with their middle school transition.  I really like the chalk talk activity she incorporated.  You’ll have to visit her blog to find out more!

What I’ve shared today is just a morsel of what you will find at School Counseling By Heart.  I’m so glad that Rebecca takes the time to share her school counseling knowledge and ideas with us on her blog.  Check it out today.  You will not be disappointed!

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Look Who’s Been “Spotted!”- The Corner on Character

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If you ever want to find some awesome ideas about character, head on over to The Corner on Character authored by Barbara Gruener.  Barbara shares something new each day from great literature selections to special heartfelt moments she’s had during her school day.  I always enjoy visiting her blog and reading her posts.  Barbara seeks to “positively influence and inspire you to seek out similar elevating experiences that you can share with others,” and she does just that!  I want to take this time to highlight what I love about The Corner on Character.

  • I love to find great literature to tie into my school counseling lessons.  The Corner on Character has highlighted so many great books that tie in character education.  I’m always excited when I discover new children’s literature, and Barbara’s blog has introduced me to several titles I was not familiar with.  She gives excellent book reviews which help you to decide if the book is a good fit for your program.  Along with the books, she has shared songs she sings with her students to support good character.  If you check out her post Something to Squawk About, you will find one there that is sung to the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.
  • More songs!! Barbara is a school counselor after my own heart.  I LOVE music, and I’ve  written about how I sing songs with my Kindergarten friends.  Well, Barbara sings with her students as well and often shares “a little ditty” she’s created with her readers.  Check out her signature song called Kids With Character sung to the tune of the Adams Family theme song.  I’ll have to adapt that one for my school. (Too cute!) She’s also recently started Saturday Songs where she will showcase songs that inspire every Saturday during the summer.  The posts include a video clip of the song and in her post she tells why it is uplifting or motivating.
  • Barbara inspires me as she shares her own special moments and experiences with her readers.  When two third grade classes created special books called “Somebody Loves You, Mrs. Gruener,” she shared how  those affirmations and appreciations made her day.  I thought of her as I cleaned my office at the end of the school year and came across some of my own student created cards and books.  The mission of Barbara’s blog resonated with me in that moment.  She encourages us to look at those things that lift us and to share them with others so they too can be inspired!  I’m going to make an effort to do more of that, thanks to Barbara.

There’s no question as to why she would be a finalist for the 2012 Really Good Education Blog Award. If you haven’t been to The Corner On Character, check it out!  Thank you, Barbara, for sharing all of those nuggets of inspiration on your blog!

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Look Who’s Been Spotted: School Counselor Blog

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This awesome blog has been around since 2009, so I would be very surprised if many people don’t already know about School Counselor Blog authored by Danielle Shultz.  I visit this blog regularly, and I have been inspired by the wonderful ideas she shares with her readers.  Whatever topic you are looking for, Danielle has it covered.  I want to take this time to highlight why I love this blog.

  • I absolutely love the idea of Career Café! Expanding my students’ awareness of careers is something I want to do at my school.  I recently told my principal that I will be adding this great idea to my school counseling program for the 2012-13 school year.  You can best believe,  Danielle’s blog will be my go-to resource!  She has shared everything you need to get this program started from completing interest surveys to creating a special invitation for students at Vistaprint.  She gives suggestions on how to find speakers for your career café also.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have learned about this from her blog!  Additionally, she has other posts regarding careers including a career scavenger hunt.  I’m also going to use her idea of “career dress up day” for red ribbon week in October. Love it!! If you’re looking for innovative ideas to include career awareness, check out School Counselor Blog.
  • Danielle is just plain CREATIVE! I’m always impressed with her ideas.  She has shared several unique bulletin board ideas on her blog that I really like.  Be sure to check out “To Proficiency…and Beyond,” “Whoo Can Help You With…,” and “Feeling Puzzled?”  She also had a great idea for National School Counseling Week when she used the theme “How are School Counselors Like Leggos?”  Ever made a stress reliever using a pool noodle? Danielle will show you how! I’m sure I could go on and on about the creative ideas I’ve found on School Counselor Blog.  Be sure to take a look for yourself!
  • School Counselor Blog features great ideas centered around self-esteem.  Danielle’s latest idea is Diva’s Day Out.  I love how she takes the time to create such a special event for her students.  Diva’s are “Determined to reach their goals, Individuals who celebrate their uniqueness, victorious in conquering their fears, and always respectful to others.”  When I read her initial post about this wonderful idea, I could think of several young ladies at my school who would absolutely LOVE to participate in an activity such as this.  She later posted about tearing down the negativity and helping girls to recognize relational aggression.  This is yet another great idea that has inspired me to think outside of the box as I move forward to the coming school year.

I can’t say enough about this great blog.  I am grateful to bloggers like Danielle for sharing their wealth of knowledge with others.  Because of blogs like School Counselor Blog, I am ready to do some new and exciting things in my own school counseling program!

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Look Who’s Been Spotted!- J Y Joyner Counselor

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Want to meet a cool school counselor with awesome ideas?  Look no further! J Y Joyner Counselor is a wonderful school counseling blog authored by Andrea Burston.  I consistently visit her blog and learn lots of great ideas each time.  The photographs and videos alone will let you know how much she enjoys the children she works with and her love of school counseling.  I want to take a moment to highlight a few of the things I enjoy about her blog.

  • She is very technologically oriented and gives lots of great information about using technology in your school counseling program.  Be sure to check out her Top 10 iPad Counselor Apps post.  It introduced me to several apps I hadn’t even heard of.  If you look further into her archives, you will find several technology posts.  Just click the word technology in her labels.  You can’t miss it…it’s the biggest word there! She also informed her readers about how to shorten website links for twitter.  I’m so glad because before I joined twitter, I didn’t even know what “bit.ly” was! 🙂  Also, because of Andrea, I now use Pulse to keep up with my favorite blogs.
  • A terrific idea I came across on Andrea’s blog is hosting a Character Education Night. I loved this idea the first time I read about it.  I like the idea of having a night dedicated to service learning.  This is an excellent opportunity to give the kids the experience of doing things for others out of the goodness of their hearts.  This is one of the big ideas I really want to introduce at my school next year.  Andrea advised me to start small so I  will not get overwhelmed.  Great advice!
  • It never fails.  I go to Andrea’s blog and see posts I just would never have thought of.  She’s very creative and shares so many great tips and suggestions.  One idea that I really like is updating clipboards.  Andrea gives step by step instructions on how to take scrapbook paper and Mod Podge to create this.  How fun is that? I have a crate of twelve brown clipboards that can’t wait for this update.  She’s inspired me to try and tap into my creative side.  I know it’s still in there.  It’s just a little bit dusty.

So there you have it.  Another one of my favorites.  It’s a great blog. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the J Y Joyner Counselor blog today!

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